• A Cardi Bree Update I know it’s been a while since my last blog post, I’m trash. I really need to get this consistency thing down packed, but, let’s catch up! In c

  • A common phrase that I hear a lot amongst business owners and just people in general is to “Stay in Your Lane”. I think that they say it as a way to “help” you focus, no

  • A “Cardi Bree” 18 This is the “Cardi Bree” year, I’m claiming it. But first, let me tell you why. 2017 kicked my tail! Honestly it was to the point that I swear I heard

  • Hey Tribe, As I grow in my business I think it’s imperative to share my knowledge with my followers. While I have been blogging for quite some time now, I’ve just really

  • Hey y’all! Over the past couple of weeks I have really been working on my brand and now I am ready to share the 5 Steps to Bossin’ Up! Graduation is around t

  • Hey there! As you all know, the past couple of months have been filled with many new experiences, opportunities, and challenges for me. Many of these new experiences hav

  • “… all things come together for the good of those who serve the lord” Back in April I set out on a mission to change the world, I founded Meraki Mentor

  • Benefits of investing in a Web Designer Starting a new business is such a stressful time as an entrepreneur. There’s this overwhelming list of things that you need

  • Hey there! It has been such a long time since my last blog post. Have you missed me? I have definitely missed you all! A lot has happened over the last couple of months,